Which macOS am I using?

Have you ever wondered which macOS you are using? Does it really matter? In most cases, it really doesn’t matter, as the vast majority of features in macOS are available no matter which OS you are using. But every macOS does have a small set of new features, including macOS Mojave with Desktop Stacks, Dynamic Desktop, Dark Mode, and more.

So how do you know if you can use these new features? What macOS are you using? Well, it’s pretty easy to find out, and if you are not using the latest version, in this case, macOS Mojave, you can easily update for free.

To see which macOS you are using
To see which macOS you are using, you go to the Apple Menu in the upper left corner of your display. Under this menu is an option called ‘About this Mac.’ When you select this, a window will open showing you which macOS you are using.

Upgrading to macOS Mojave
To upgrade to macOS Mojave from an earlier version, open the App Store and search for Mojave. Download the installer from the App Store and install macOS Mojave. The update is free.

See this Lesson Action
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