Using the Level

In this lesson for the Measure app on the iPhone we look at how we use the level feature to see if an object is even including vertical surfaces and horizontal surfaces. The Level feature used to be in the Compass app in iOS versions prior to iOS 12.

Seeing if an Object is level Horizontally
To see if an object is level horizontally, you just place your iPhone on the object after opening the Measure app and tapping on Level in the lower right. When you do this, you will see on your iPhone how many degrees off your object it. If it is at 0 degrees and level, the iPhone display will turn green.

Seeing if an Object if Level Vertically
You can also see if an object is level vertically, or if it is straight up and down. When you move the top of your iPhone towards you and away from your, you will see a line move up and down not he iPhone. When it is straight vertically, the line will be level or inline with the two horizontal short bars on the left and right of the iPhone display.

Seeing if a Surface is Level
When you place your iPhone flat while using the Level features of the Measure app, you will see two circles. If the surface is level, these two circles will be on top of each other and the display will turn green.

Camera Bump and Buttons
When you are seeing if a surface or object is level, take the camera bump and buttons in consideration if you do not use a case. If you do use a case, make sure that it does not have any protrusions that could possible throw the level off.

See this Lesson in Action
If you want to see this lesson in action, take a look at the video above.

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