Opening to Measure or Level and Settings

In this lesson for for the Measure app on the iPhone we look at how we can have it open to measure objects or use it as a level by pressing on the icon on your iPhone. We also look at how to change the measurement settings from imperial to Metric.

Opening to Measure or Level
To open the Measure app on your iPhone to a specific feature, you need to gently push down on the icon while looking at your home screen. This is called a 3D Touch. When you do this, a menu will popup with two options; measure and level. Just tap on how you want to use the Measure app and it will open to that feature.

Setting Measurement Units
To set if it measures in imperial or metric units, you go to your iPhone’s Setting app. When you open the Settings app, you will see Measure when you swipe up. Tap on Measure and you can set what type of units you want to use when you measure an object.

See this Lesson in Action
If you want to see this lesson in action, take a look at the video above.

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