Shooting Bursts of Photos

In this lesson for the Camera App on the iPhone we look at how we can shoot a burst of photos and then select favorites out of that burst to save.

Taking a Burst of Photos
To take a burst of photos, you just tap and hold the shutter button. When you do this, you’ll see a counter counting up showing how many photos your camera is taking. If you hold it for a while, you could get dozens of photos, so you’ll want to be careful. In the video above I show how this works by taking a photo of a kite surfer on Lake Michigan.

Reviewing your Bursts of Photos
To elect favorite photos out of a burst of photos, you’ll want to tap on the thumbnail in the lower left corner. Any photo that is a burst will have ‘Burst’ in the upper left corner with the number of photos in that burst. In my case in the video, you’ll see I have a burst of photos with 42 photos in it! Another burst has 27 and then19 and 12. So the longer I held the shutter button, the more photos it took.

Selecting Favorite Photos from a Burst of Photos
These are taking up quite a bit of space, so what I need to do next is select the photos out of that burst I want to keep and delete the rest. To do this you tap on “select’ at the bottom of the photo. This only shows when you are looking at a burst of photos. When you do this, you’ll see a strip across the bottom showing all the photos in the burst. You swipe back and forth to view the different photos.

When you come across a photo you want to keep, just tap it. You’ll see a blue checkmark on the photo indicating it is selected. You can select more than one photo. Once you have all the photos you want to keep selected, tap on Done. From here you elect if you want to keep all the photos or just your favorites, favorited being the ones you selected. When you select this last option, the Camera app will delete all the other photos and just keep your favorited, or selected, photos. If you select more than one photo, they will be separate photos and no longer in a burst.

See this lesson in Action
If you want to see this lesson in action, I show you how this all works in the video above.

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