Shooting Slo-Motion Video

In this lesson for Photography with the Camera app on the iPhone we look at how we shoot in slo-motion as well as how we can edit the video to set where the slo-motion starts and stops in our video. We also look at how we can se the frame rate for slo-motion on the iPhone.

Slo-Mo Mode
First thing you’ll need to do is swipe to the left or right on the preview screen until you get to Slo-Mo mode. To shoot a video in slo-mo, just tap the shutter button just like in regulate video mode. Your iPhone will start taking video and you’ll see the timer at the top showing how long your video is. Tap on the shutter button again to stop it.

Taking a Photo while Shooting Slo-Mo
Just like in Video mode, you can take a photo while shooting in Slo-Mo mode. To take a photo, just tap on the white button to the left of the shutter button. You will only see this button when you are actually taking video.

Trimming the Beginning and End of a Slo-Mo Video
First thing you’ll need to do after shooting your slo-mo video is to tap on the thumbnail. When you do this, the video will open and you can edit it. Tap on Edit to go into editing mode. You’ll see the filmstrip across the bottom just like when editing a standard video. Again, just like with standard video, you tap on the arrows at the beginning and end and drag them to trim your video. The filmstrip will have a yellow border around it when in trimming mode.

Setting Where Slo-Mo Starts and Stops
If you look above the film strip, you’ll see small vertical lines. Where these lines are spaced closer together is where the video will play at normal speed. Where they are spaced further apart is where it will play in slo-mo. To adjust where it starts and stops where it plays slo-mo, just drag where the lines start getting further apart or closer together. When you do this, you are setting where your video will start and stop in slo-mo.

Setting Frame Rate and Resolution
Just like with standard videos, we can set the frame rate and resolution a slow motion video is recorded at. To adjust this you need to go to the Settings app and then the Camera Settings. You’ll see a setting for Record Slo-mo. Tap on this to adjust the resolution. Again, higher frame rates and higher resolutions will result in larger files.

That’s how we record and edit our videos in slow motion using our camera app on the iPhone.

See this lesson in Action
If you want to see how this works in action, I show you how this all works in the video above.

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