Straightening and Cropping Photos

In this lesson for Photography with the Camera app on the iPhone we look at how we straighten and crop phots we’ve taken on the iPhone. We also look at how we can lock the aspect ratio. When you take a photo that is crooked, such as the horizon, int he Camera app, you can straighten this. You can also crop the photo if you want a different aspect ratios. Let’s first look at straightening photos.

Straightening Photos
To straighten a photo, we first need to edit it. To do this, tap on the thumbnail in the lower left corner of the Camera app. Swipe to find the photo that is crooked. No you need to tap on Edit. You’ll see a number of tools across the bottom below your photo. Tap on the Cropping tool. To straighten a photo we use this cropping tool. When you tap on it, you’ll see a little compass below the photo. Just drag this to the left or right to straighten your photo. You can use the lines to help you straighten it. When you are finished, tap on Done.

Cropping Photos
To crop the photo, we tap on the cropping tool again. When you tap on this, you’ll see thicker lines in the corners of the photo. Just drag any one of the corners to crop your photo. When you use this technique, you will not keep the same aspect ration. To crop while keeping the same aspect ration, tap on the squares at the bottom of the Camera app. Select the aspect ratio you want and then drag the corners again. When you drag it around the aspect ration will stay locked. You can also pinch to zoom in and out to crop your photo.

That’s how we straighten and crop our photos we’ve taken with the camera app on the iPhone.

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If you want to see how this works in action, I show you how this all works in the video above.

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