Dan Wassink

Noteboom Tutorials had a Slight Redesign making it Easier to Use

Over the course of the last week or so, I’ve been tinkering with the site. One thing lead to another and now the site has been slightly redesigned with the goal of making it easier to navigate and use. What has changed?

  • Fewer Menus: At the top of my site I reduced the number of menu options available. It started getting a bit confusing and I thought I’d simplify it a bit by reducing the options.
  • All the Tutorials are on a single page: I moved all the tutorials to a single page and added a navigation menu to the top of the page to go to a specific device’s tutorials. I also reorganized how the tutorials are displayed.
  • All the Tips are on a single page: Similar to the tutorials, I moved all my tips to a single page. I also categorized my new Video Quick Tips. You can click on the menu at the top of the page to go to a specific category.
  • Account Page: I simplified the Account page by removing information that is not needed, like the address and shipping information.
  • About Me: I updated the About Me section. The information was getting a bit dated, so I thought I should update it.
  • Contact Us is now called Support: The Contact Us page is now called Support, being that’s really what it is. If you want to contact me, use my Chat located at the bottom right of your browser.
  • Chat: On the chat, I made the footprint smaller so it is not covering as much of my site. Now it is just a bubble in the lower right. Click on it to start a chat with me.
  • Member Dashboard: I moved things around on the Dashboard. Basically I moved the text about your membership to the sidebar. When I did this, it brought up or gave more room to show what is new in my tutorials and tips as well as gave easier access to the tutorials you are currently taking.
  • Sidebars are now all on the left: In the past, I had the sidebar on the left or right depending on the page your were looking at. This was not very smart as it moved from page to page, again depending on what page your we’re on. Now all the sidebars are on the left.
  • Other changes: I made other small changes that should make your experience better, but they are more minor and behind the scenes as they say.

Knowing myself, I may make a few more changes as I play around with the site. If it is major, I’ll let you know. In the meantime, take a look at my site tour which shows how the site works. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask. – Dan