Personal Note

Dan WassinkHello everyone! You may have noticed that there hasn’t been a lot of activity on the site over the last couple months. Why? Well back in March I had emergency surgery and they discovered I had appendix cancer, a very rare form of cancer. The good news is they are treating it as ‘curable’ but it took a couple more surgeries in July and August. The surgery in July was a big one as I had what they call the ‘mother of all surgeries’ (MOAS). This involves the HIPEC procedure where they pump chemo in my abdomen for 90 minutes. After this surgery, the doctor was very pleased with the outcome. On my last checkup he told me he believes he got all the cancer. I am recovering now and I plan on starting to update the site on a more regular basis again. Look for more news, tips, and tutorials soon! Thank you for for your support and patience!

– Dan


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