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Latest News and Tips

Tutor for Photos for iPhone

Tutor for Photos for iPhone now available!

We have another tutorial available on our site, Tutor for Photos for iPhone! With Tutor for Photos for iPhone you can learn about organizing, editing, and sharing your photos on your iPhone.

Dan Wassink

We now have over 1,000 lessons available!

I am excited to announce there are now over 1,000 lessons available on! Looking back, I never thought I’d record that many training lessons on how to use the Mac, iPad, and iPhone. But, as I continued to receive positive feedback from the people the tutorials have helped, I was encouraged to keep recording! That was always my end […]

Tutor Tips

Tutor Tip: Saving and Accessing Drafts in Mail for iPhone

In this Tutor Tip we look at how you save draft messages in Mail for iPhone. We also look at a few different ways to access your saved drafts including an easily accessible way through the Compose Message button.

Tutor for Mail for iPhone

Tutor for Mail for iPhone now Available

With our Tutor for Mail for iPhone, our training videos will help you learn more about Mail on your iPhone. We cover all the basics plus more in our video lessons. Lessons include looking at account options, reading and marking messages, flagging messages, and creating mailboxes. We also look at how you can change what […]

Tutor for Safari for iPhone

Tutor for Safari for the iPhone now available in the App Store!

With our tutorial on the Safari on the iPhone, our training videos will help you learn more about Safari for the iPhone.

Tutor for OS X Pages

Tutor Tip: Customizing the Toolbar in Pages

In this Tutor Tip we look at how we can customize the toolbar in Pages for the Mac including how you can add and delete different tools that are shown in the toolbar. Maybe you work with images and you’d like to have easy access to layering, grouping, masking, and instant alpha. when you customize the toolbar, you can add these tools to the toolbar of Pages.

Tutor for OS X iMovie

Review: Great App!

Tutor for iMovie: Great App! I’ve been looking for help with creating a movie for quite some time. iMovie seemed to have everything I needed, but on the other hand I didn’t know how to use it and I didn’t want to blunder my way through it. This app has helped me understand and apply all […]

Tutor Tips

Tutor Tip: Using Gestures in Mail for iPad

In this Tutor Tip we take a look at how we use gestures to mark, flag, and delete messages in Mail for iPad. We also take a look at the various settings for gestures in Mail for iPad

Dan Wassink

Tutor for Safari for iPhone App Store Update

Just over a week ago I submitted Tutor for Safari for the iPhone to the App Store. During the review process, Apple found an issue. It crashed when opening during certain circumstances. I found the issue and I have resubmitted it over the weekend. I’m hoping, and pretty confident, that they will not find any other […]