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Tutor for OS X Yosemite

Review: Great Introduction to Yosemite!

Great Introduction to Yosemite! Although the course started slowly (or maybe I knew that stuff already), it ended up being a very thorough [examination] of Yosemite. I learned much and recommend it to anyone wanting to learn more about Yosemite. Thanks! Take me to the tutorial on Yosemite.

Noteboom Tutorials is now

We are excited to announce that we have moved to! Same tutorials under a new website.

Tutor Tips

Tutor Tip: Using Gestures to get around the iPad

In this Tutor Tip we take a look at how you get around your iPad using gestures including pinching to go back to the Home Screen, swiping up to show the iPad’s open apps, and swiping left and right to switch between open apps. We also take a quick look at the settings we have […]

Tutor for OS X Mail

Tutor for OS X Mail Available

This tutorial includes 21 lessons on Mail for the Mac. If you use Mail on OS X, this tutorial will help you get the most out of Mail.

Tutor Tips

Tutor Tip: Using the Contextual Menu in Yosemite

Wouldn’t it be great if you could just click on file file and have a menu pop up allowing you to move the file to the trash or open it in a specific app? This is where the contextual menu comes into play. To have the menu pop-up, all you need to do is hold […]

Noteboom Tutorials

Read our new Flipboard Magazine about Apple Related News

We’ve created a new Flipboard Magazine containing Apple related news. It’s a way for us to share interesting articles we find on Apple and Apple related tech. Our goal in this magazine is to share articles that are insightful in Apple and Apple related technology. We are going to try to stay away from rumors […]

Tutor Tips

Tutor Tip: Browsing and Clearing History in Safari for OS X

In this Tutor Tip we take a look at how you can browse your browser history as well as search and clear your history in Safari on the Mac. Learn how to browse and clear your history in Safari on your Mac in this Tutor Tip.

Tutor for Safari for iPhone

Tutor for Safari for iPhone now Available

We are excited to announce we have added our an all new tutorial on Safari for the iPhone to our site! With Tutor for Safari for iPhone learn how to use Safari on your iPhone. This tutorial includes 13 lessons on Safari on the iPhone including browsing and searching, viewing history, viewing and editing bookmarks, […]

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New feature added to the site

When you were watching a video lesson on the site you couldn’t see all the lessons available. You had to ‘go back’ to the tutorial page to see all the lessons. This was not intuitive. Not any more! We’ve updated our site to make it easier to select the lesson you want to watch. Now […]