A Simple Technique for Decluttering Your Reminders List

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Productivity experts have long recommended offloading things you have to remember to a task-management app like Apple’s Reminders, which syncs your to-dos among your Mac, iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch. This can be particularly helpful if you want to be reminded of something off in the future, something you would probably forget if you didn’t write it down somewhere. One solution to help with this is to create a Far Future Reminders list, and move reminders to it that aren’t relevant within the next month or so. Then just review this list on a regular basis, maybe setup a reminder to help you remember to review this list.


Declutter Reminders

Easily Create and Name Reminders Lists to Use Them Via Siri

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My wife and I have a shared list in the Reminders app called Groceries. To add an item, such as eggs, all we do is say “Hey Siri, add eggs to my grocery list.” and Siri adds it to the list. We can go a step further and set the grocery list as the default list, then we do not have to specify which list to add the eggs too, it’ll add them to the Grocery list by default. How can you see which list is your default list? It’s in Settings > Reminders > Default List. Want to get fancy? Make a list called “Hardware,” and then tell Siri, “Add birdseed to my Hardware list, and remind me when I arrive at Home Depot.” You may have to pick the correct Home Depot location from a list, but then you’ll receive an alert reminding you to buy birdseed when you pull into the parking lot. To look at any list via Siri, just say something like “Show my Grocery list.”

Name Reminders lists