For Easier Navigation Swipe Back and Forth between Web Pages

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For navigation between web pages you’ve visited, Safari offers back and forward buttons, these are represented by arrows in the upper left of Safari’s toolbar. You can also navigate by choosing menu commands and typing keyboard shortcuts — did you know that Command-Left arrow and Command-Right arrow work too? But my favorite was of navigating through my we pages is through gestures. If you’re using a Mac with a trackpad, you can move back and forth between Web pages with a two-fingered swipe left (for back) or right (for forward). If you prefer, you can switch to a three-fingered swipe in System Preferences > Trackpad > More Gestures. Or, if it’s difficult for you to keep exactly two or precisely three fingers on the trackpad, you can choose to swipe with two or three fingers. Lastly, this also works with Chrome, and Firefox.

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Tutor Tips

Tutor Tip: Browsing and Clearing History in Safari for OS X

Have you ever wanted to visit a webpage you’ve visited before and you didn’t bookmark it or add it to your reading list? Maybe you were looking at a recipe and you want to take a look at it again, or a news article you now want to read. In this Tutor Tip we take a look at how you can browse your browser history as well as search and clear your history in Safari on the Mac. Learn how to browse and clear your history in Safari on your Mac in this Tutor Tip. This Tutor Tip as part of Tutor for Safari for OS X.

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