Learn about making phone calls on the Apple Watch.

LESSON PREVIEW: Learn how to make phone calls on your Apple Watch

In this lesson, from my upcoming tutorial on the Apple Watch, I look at how you can make phone calls through the Apple Watch. I also look at the notification settings we have when we receive a phone call on the Apple Watch.

What You’ll Learn in this Lesson:

  • How to view your contact favorites on the Apple Watch.
  • How to view recent calls on the Apple Watch.
  • How to view all your contacts on the Apple Watch.
  • How to access the keypad on the Apple Watch to tap in a phone number.
  • How to access your voice mails from the Apple Watch and listen to them as well as delete them from your Apple Watch.
  • How to change the notifications you receive on your Apple Watch when someone is calling you.

Look for the complete tutorial soon!