Tutor for Mac with macOS Sierra added to the site

Tutor for Mac with macOS Sierra

Are you new to the Mac and you are looking for a tutorial to help you get around and understand your Mac with macOS Sierra? We can help with Tutor for Mac. Lessons include getting around the Mac, using the Finder, setting up the default behaviors of your Mac with the System Preferences, and working with applications and documents. We then move to macOS Sierra specific features including new iCloud features, opening documents in tabs, optimizing storage, and more.

This tutorial is split up into two different parts.

The first part, Tutor for Mac: The Basics, is designed to get a new user of the Mac up and running. Even though it is designed for the new user, even the experienced user may find something in it.

The second part, Tutor for Mac: Beyond the Basics, includes tutorials to help the user go further with their Mac including customizing it with System Preferences and more advanced features such as grouping documents and folders and using split-view. You must be a Premium Member to view Tutor for Mac: Beyond the Basics. Join today