Tutor for Tap Forms 5 for the Mac

Tutor for Tap Forms 5

Learn how to use Tap Forms 5 database from Tap Forms in Tutor for Tap Forms 5. With this database you’ll be able to manage multiple lists or forms to help you be more productive. Create lists or forms for managing your home inventory, bank accounts, loyalty cards, memberships, clients, and more. Not sure how to do this in a database? We’ll show you how with over 20 video lessons. We look at everything from terminology, to the interface, to creating forms or lists, to linking forms together through relationships. Everything you need to learn how to use Tap Forms 5.

Not sure if Tap Forms 5 is for you? Were you a fan of the now discontinued database manager Bento? Take a look at Tap Forms 5. You can download a free trial and then watch our tutorial to see if it will help you become more organized and productive. Note: We are not an affiliate. We are just a fan of simple database apps. :)


Video Lessons