Tutor for Tap Forms 5 for the Mac is now available on the site

Tutor for Tap Forms 5

I have an all new tutorial on Tap Forms 5 available on the site. If you aren’t familiar with Tap Forms 5, this is a nice app that makes creating simple databases easy. It reminds me of the now discontinued Bento from Filemaker Pro, which I loved. What can you do with a database manager like Tap Forms 5? Create and manage lists, lots of them. In Tap Forms 5 these lists are called forms and it comes with a number of form templates such as Home Inventory, Frequent Flyer Numbers, Software Licenses, Health Insurance, Home Insurance, and many more. You can even create your own. I personally have a number of old albums and I created a form to help me manage which albums I have. You can also download a free trial of Tap Forms 5 from the developer. Check it out along with our tutorial. It may help in keeping you organized.

Take me to the tutorial.


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