Testimonials on my Tutorials and the Membership

Need to see a few testimonials on my tutorials and the membership? I have them. New ones arrive on a regular basis. Sign up today to try out the site – you won’t be billed for 14 days!

Congratulations on Tutor for Mojave! Magnificent job!

Thanks once again for some smashing instructions.

Great job on iOS 12 tutorial. Just finished it. Very helpful.

I’m really impressed with your tutorials.

Your site is excellent!

I throughly enjoyed being able to watch and learn from your excellent tutorials!

Your site is excellent and I will be happy to let others know same.

Great training program, I really enjoyed it. Thank you.

Thanks Your stuff is just great!

My husband and I love your tutorials.

They are the best [tutorials] on the market.

Love your tutorials, thank you!

You have a great service.

Your tutorials are absolutely terrific!

This is an amazing beginners course for excel for Mac users.

Thank you for your wonderful service.

Great service.

Thank you again for the great work.

Just wanted to also say I am finding the videos really helpful and fun to use. I found your website today and am really pleased as they are done in bite size portions and you can work through as you wish.

Your tutorials are wonderful. I tell people that I am a recovering windows user. Your tutorials got me thru MBP and iPad. Keep up the good work.

I love your tutorials! I am a pretty good Mac user but have little sense of what other people do because I am retired and no longer “connected” to a work environment. Still, I take your tutorials and learn something new EVERY time. I am a subscriber for life!!!

Love the site and the service…I want to increase my skills and you’re the Obi Wan to help me do that!

Thanks for all the other instructional videos you have helped me with.

Because you tutorials, I can make the best of Apple products.

Just wanted to say “thank you” for a super quality site that really assists me in learning my Mac.

I‘ve enjoyed your tutorials so much that I got my dad to subscribe as well.

Thanks for the consistently helpful videos.

Your work is excellent. Thank you.

I’ve been a Middle School and A+ Computer Repair instructor in the workforce for 12 years. I haven’t finished this course, but I’ve been around long enough to know that there are instructors and there are INSTRUCTORS. This gentleman is the latter of the two. His voice, technique and unabbreviated delivery gives both the instructor and the course an overall 5 stars.

Noteboom tutorials are the BEST. This is my third tutorial (class) which I took from Noteboom and I can not imagine how to do it better. GREAT WORK GUYS! It is clear, easy, organized, well explained… What more can I write…? It is really worth the money… Not to mention that I learned everything I had to know in one afternoon at home instead of going to an official “classroom” for two days and spending 10x the money this app costs… Greetings from SLOVAKIA!

My mother, who is nearly 70, became a member of your site last August as she was very new to computers. She has gone from not knowing anything to knowing more about computers than I do thanks to your wonderful clear and concise hints and tips. I wanted to take the time to say a BIG Thank You and keep up the amazing work!

I find your tutorials to be some of the best instructional videos I have ever used. I really enjoy using them and constantly refer back to them when doing new projects.