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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I download these tutorials?

Sorry, you must be a Premium Member to download the tutorials. If you are interested in our tutorials, our Premium Membership includes a 14-day free trial. Start your free trial today and you’ll get instant access to all our tutorials, including downloadable tutorials. You payment will not be process for 14 days. Cancel before the free trial ends and your payment will not be processed. It’s a great way to check out our tutorials. Start your free trial today.

What format are these tutorials in?

The tutorials are in the iBooks format. When you open a tutorial, it’ll open automatically in the iBooks app. If you are on a Mac, once it opens in iBooks, you can delete the file you downloaded.

How do I download a tutorial?

All you have to do is go to the download page of the tutorial you want to download. From there you can download the tutorial. Once it is downloaded, just open it up and it opens in iBooks. We highly recommend downloading the tutorial to your Mac first. See the next question on why.

Why don’t you recommend downloading these to my iPad or iPhone?

The tutorials are quite large as they contain all the videos of the respective tutorial. When you download them to your iPad and iPhone, you do not get any feedback on the status of the download. This means you will not know how far you are into the download. Honestly, downloading files to the iPad and iPhone is not a very good experience. The good news is you can still easily view it on your iPad and iPhone… see the next question to find out how.

I downloaded the tutorial to my Mac. How do I view these on my iPad and iPhone?

It’s easy! When you open the tutorial on your Mac, it opens in iBooks. If you are using iCloud on all your devices, the tutorial will automatically upload to iCloud and all you have to do is open iBooks on your iPad or iPhone and you’ll be able to download the same tutorial to your iOS device.

I don’t have a Mac. How do I view these on my iPad and iPhone?

First, make sure you are on a WiFI network with your iPad or iPhone. Now visit the download page for the tutorial you want to download. Tap on Download Tutorial. The tutorial will start downloading. You will not get any feedback on the status of the download. You’ll have to be patient. The tutorials are quite large, in some cases over 1GB, so they will take anywhere from several minutes to much more depending on your network speed. You’ll have to be patient. Eventually you’ll see Open in iBooks. Tap on Open in iBooks, and the tutorial will be on your iOS device!

Why aren’t all your tutorials available for download?

We are working on converting all the tutorials in the iBooks. As we convert them, we’ll add them to this page.


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Check out my new home for my tutorials - Dan's Tutorials. Why a new home? I started redesigning the site and one thing lead to another. What's new? Faster. Better organized. New plans. Reminders before renewals. Subscriptions can be paused. And more!