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Tutor Tips: Using the Control Center on an iPhone

Learn about the Control Center and it’s settings in our latest Tutor Tip by Noteboom Productions, available free online! With the Control Center you have easy access to turn on an off Airplane Mode, Wifi, Bluetooth, Do Not Disturb, and more! You also have easy access to music, a flashlight, and the timer. But is […]

Tutor Tips

Tutor Tips: Entering Data Using Forms in Numbers for iOS

Learn how to use forms to enter data in a table in Numbers. By using forms you’ll be able to enter data more accurately and faster in your spreadsheet on your iPad or iPhone with this Tutor Tip by Noteboom Productions. This Tutor Tip is brought to you by Tutor for Numbers for iOS. Learn […]

Tutor Tips

Tutor Tips: Side Switch Options on the iPad

The side switch on the iPad can be used for two different options, mute or lock rotation. See how to set the side switch as well as how to access these options from the Control Center in this Tutor Tip by Noteboom Productions.

Tutor Tips

Tutor Tips: Adding Presenter Notes in Keynote

Learn how to add presenter notes to your Keynote presentation in this Tutor Tip by Noteboom Productions. With presenter notes you can add and style notes that only the presenter will see when presenting a slideshow in Keynote. Find out how in this Tutor Tip. This Tutor Tip was brought to you by Tutor for […]

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Tutor Tips: Using Do Not Disturb on your iPhone

Do you find yourself missing calls or notifications on your iPhone? Maybe you accidentally turned Do Not Disturb on, it’s easy to do with the Control Center on the iPhone. With Do Not Disturb turned on both phone calls and notifications are silenced while your iPhone is locked, although you can let your favorite contacts […]