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Latest News and Tips

iCloud Photo Library Users: Do Not Turn Off iCloud

You can file this warning under “unless it’s absolutely necessary.” If you use iCloud Photo Library on your Mac, which I personally think is great, I recommend you don’t sign out from iCloud. Also, don’t deselect the iCloud Photo Library checkbox in either the Photos options of the iCloud pane of System Preferences or in […]


Tutor for Notes for Mac is now available for download

I am happy to announce Tutor for Notes for the Mac is now available as a download! This tutorial includes 18 video lessons and is just over an hour long total. The iBook version includes every lesson in the tutorial and is available for Premium Members and from the iBook store for individual purchase. I […]

Tutor for Notes for the Mac

Tutor for Notes for the Mac is now available online

I am happy to announce Tutor for Notes for the Mac is now available! I recently had a pol on what tutorials should I do next and Notes showed up second, so here it is! This tutorial includes 18 video lessons and is just over an hour long total. I hope you find it helpful […]

Why you want to Install Minor Operating System Updates

You’ve probably noticed that Apple releases updates to iOS, macOS, watchOS, and tvOS nearly every week these days. iOS 11 and macOS 10.13 High Sierra launched only a few months ago, and we’ve already seen ten updates to iOS and seven updates to macOS. Some of these have been to fix bugs, which is great, […]

Checkout pages fixed

I recently updated my checkout pages. I tried to make them easier to fill out by eliminating fields. Well it didn’t go as planned and no one could purchase a membership. My mistake! Everything is now working again, so if you tried to purchase a membership and couldn’t, you should be able to now. Sorry […]

Tutor for Notes for the Mac

Sneak Preview to Tutor for Notes for the Mac

I have a sneak preview for you on my latest tutorial – Tutor for Motes for the Mac. In this preview I show you how you can float a note window including floating it above all your other app windows. This makes it easy to enter notes while researching on the web or while working […]

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New referral Program

I am trying something new… I’ve created a new referral program for monthly and annual subscribers. If you are a member and you refer a friend or family member to NoteboomTutorials.com and they sign up – I give you 2 months free! The more you refer, the more free months you get. This means if […]

Ransomware: What is it, Should You Be Worried, and What Protective Steps Should You Take?

You’ve probably heard of the term Malware. Unfortunately it makes headlines regularly these days. The good news is Macs are targeted far less than Windows PCs, but Mac users still need to remain vigilant. A particularly serious type of malware is called “ransomware” because once it infects your computer, it encrypts all your files and […]

Where is the Battery Percentage Indicator on the iPhone X?

Do you have an iPhone X? Are you wondering how you can see the how much battery you have as a percentage? On other iPhones, you can have this always show in the upper right hand corner of the iPhone display, but this setting is missing on the iPhone X. The notch at the top […]

Call 911! Or, with an iPhone or Apple Watch, Invoke Emergency SOS

If you have ever needed to call emergency services from your iPhone, or someone else’s iPhone, you know by almost by definition, such calls take place at stressful times. In all honesty, it can be hard to remember what to do. What if you’ve been in an accident? It might be difficult or impossible to […]