Dan Wassink

Above Avalon: Apple’s Growth Story

This article mentions wearables, or Apple Watches as part of Apple’s growth. I couldn’t agree more. The press likes to talk about iPhones, but take a look around, you’ll see a lot of Apple Watches too. I was in Zoup a couple weeks ago and half the people there had an Apple Watch from what I could tell. I can’t say Zoup was full, but it wasn’t empty either. I was at a local bar a few weeks with my brother, again, half the people at the bar, and the bar wasn’t empty, had Apple Watches.

Above Avalon: Apple’s Growth Story:

Apple is on a roll. The company is seeing record high iPhone ASPs, strong momentum with Services, and a wearables platform connecting with the mass market. Revenue growth has accelerated for the past seven quarters. Apple’s growth story has returned with a vengeance.