Tutor for Mac OS X iPhoto

Tutor for iPhoto

5 Star Review “I only wish I’d seen it earlier, it would have saved hours of investigation and mistakes.”
5 Star Review “It teaches the perfect amount of the many unknowns in iPhoto in an efficiently educational way!!”
5 Star Review “Another excellent tutorial. Highly recommended.”

Tutor for iPhotoAre you looking for support, tutorials, training, or guides to help you learn to edit photos on your Mac with iPhoto? We can help with our getting started tutorial for iPhoto. Tutor for iPhoto is designed for the beginner user but not limited to first time users’ learn iPhoto. We cover everything from importing your photos to organizing your photos to editing your photos to sharing your photos – with iPhoto on the Mac. If you are looking to be more productive in importing, editing, and sharing your photos on the Mac, we can help with Tutor for iPhoto!

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