Tutor for Mac OS X Mavericks

Tutor for OS X Mavericks

5 Star Review “Well thought out and easy to follow. speech is clear and easily understood. Even if you’re unfamiliar with content to begin with, the videos are clear, appropriate, and follow the text very well.”
5 Star Review “Great tutorial. I have tried several of these tutorials and haven’t come across a bad one yet. This, like the others, is both thorough and interesting.”
5 Star Review “Excellent Tutorial. If you are serious about learning Mavericks this is it. It is quick and painless and very well done. Bravo!”
5 Star Review “A great tutorial for beginners. I had in the past downloaded the tutorial predecessors for Lion and Mountain Lion. This one is as good or even better! A wonderful tutorial! Highly recommended to new Mac users.”
5 Star Review “This Mavericks tutor is ace!!!!! I am not new to Mac’s, in fact, I am very switched on. But I find there is always a few things that I don’t know and these videos have helped me out. keep up the good work!”

Tutor for OSX Mavericks iconWith our tutorial on Mac OS X Mavericks, our training videos will help you learn more about Mavericks on your iPad. In the tutorial we not only tell you about OS X Mavericks, but we also show you how to use the major features of OS X as well as what is new in Mavericks if you are coming from OS X Mountain Lion. These new features include the Maps App, iBooks App, tabs in the Finder, adding Tags to your files, and more! This video tutorial is geared for both the new user to OS X and the new user to Mavericks.