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What’s new in iOS 9 on the iPhone

What's new in iOS 9

We are happy to announce we’ve updated Tutor for iPhone with 14 new lessons on iOS 9! With these lessons we’ll show you the new features of iOS 9 including using Low Power Mode to increase battery life, going Back to the previous application, how you can add attachments and checklists to notes, get the latest news with the all new News app, and more! Get the most out of your iPhone and iOS 9 with Tutor for iPhone!

New lessons include:
Introduction to What’s New in iOS 9
Silence Siri with the Mute Switch
Request Desktop Version of a Website in Safari
Ungroup Notifications when Sorting
Using the Back Button to go back to an App
Extend Battery life using Low Power Mode
iCloud Drive
Siri Suggestions in Search
Search the Settings App
Maps Search and Transit
Switching and Quitting Open Apps


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