Editing a Voice Memo

In this lesson for the Voice Memo app on the iPhone we look at how we can trim the beginning or end of a voice memo as well as delete unwanted portions out of recorded voice memos.

Enter Edit Mode
The first thing you need to do is enter edit mode in the Voice Memo app. To do that you tap on the voice memo you want to edit in your list. When you do this, you’ll see Edit below the voice memo name. Tap on Edit to enter edit mode.

Trimming the Beginning and Ending of a Voice Memo
Once you enter edit mode, you’ll see a Crop symbol on the left side. When you tap on this, you’ll see a red vertical line at the beginning and end of your voice memo. You drag these lines to the point you want to trim out. So if you wanted to trim a portion of the beginning of your voice memo out, you drag the red line to the right. You’ll want to drag it to the right of the portion you want to trim. If you want to trim the end, you drag the red line at the end to the left, to the left of the portion your want to trim. Once you have these red lines set to where you want trim , you tap on ‘Trim’. When you do this, Voice Memos will as if you want to trim the original or save the trimmed copy as a new original. Tap what you’d like to do and you’ve just trimmed your voice memo.

Deleting a Portion out of a Voice Memo
Deleting a portion out of a voice memo on the iPhone is very similar to trimming a voice memo. You tap on Edit, then tap on the cropping tool. You’ll see the red vertical lines appear at the beginning and ending of your voice memo. Now what you do is drag these lines to the beginning and ending of the portion you want to delete. Once you do this, the portion you want to delete will be in-between the red vertical lines. Now what you do is tap on ‘Delete’. You’ll see a dialog box popup asking you if you want to delete from the original or save it as a new recording.

See this Lesson Action
To see this lesson in action, take a look at the video above.

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