Working with Locations in the Files App on the iPad

I am looking for your input on my tutorials. I was watching a tutorial on WordPress and I saw the instructor’s silhouette in the lower right hand corner. I personally really liked it and I thought it built a personal connection. I wondered if I could do the same, and where there is a will, there is a way. So here is what I came up with. I have two versions. The first version I guide you through the entire lesson. On the second video, I am there in the introduction and for the recap, but during the lesson itself I am not there.

Which one do you like better? Is the first too distracting? Or do you like the guidance throughout the entire tutorial. Take a look at let me know below.

In the above video, I guide you through the entire lesson. You’ll find me in the lower right corner.

In the above video, I guide you through the introduction of the lesson and then I disappear. I then come back for the recap, at about 4:30.

Which lesson do you like better?
Email me with any comments.

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  1. Linda C
    Linda C says:

    It is kind of cool to see you on the video but I prefer the 2nd video where you are not on the whole video because it distracts me too much. Great job overall!

  2. David P
    David P says:

    As requested I have cast my vote and I am always grateful for the fact that if ever I am struggling with any application I can quickly find the answer from your tutorials.
    Your personal interest in my opinion on your products its much appreciated.

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