Setting Where you want to be Reminded

In this lesson for the reminders at on the Mac, we look at how we can set where we want to be reminded at.

Setting Where you want to be Reminded
With the Reminders app, we can set a reminder based on location. As an example, let’s say I was buying some running shoes in downtown Holland. What I would like to do is have the Reminders app remind me when I get close to Gazelle Sports, which is where I buy my shoes. To do that I need to go and show info for a reminder. How do I do that? Once I create a reminder, I go over to the right with the cursor, and then I’ll see an ‘i’. Click on the ‘i’ to show the info window. I can also go up to View in the menu bar and select Show Info.

In this info window, I need to select Add a Location. by default, it will add my current location, in my case it will add my office location. That’s not what I want to do, I want to add Gazelle Sports as the location. So I type in Gazelle Sports and all the locations for that store will show. I select the one in Holland to add it as a location. Now I need to select when I want to be reminded – when I leave that location or when I arrive at that location. Well, of course, I want to set it to when I arrive at that location.

When I set the location, I am going to see the location in a map. The location will have a blue circle around it. When I enter into the blue circle that’s when the reminder will go off. To expand the circle, I just drag the dot on the blue circle to make the perimeter smaller and larger.

Now how does this help me since I set this up on my Mac? I don’t carry my Mac around when I go downtown shopping. Since I use iCloud, this reminder will also be shown on my iPhone, and since my iPhone knows where I am at. When I get close to Gazelle Sports, my iPhone will remind me to buy shoes.

You can also set the same reminder to remind you at a date and time, so if need to be reminded by a certain date, you can add that in addition to the location.

See this Lesson in Action
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