What’s New with Notifications

In this lesson for What’s New in iOS 12 on the iPad, we look at what’s new with notifications on the iPad with iOS 12 including grouped notifications and how we can set a notification to deliver quietly.

Accessing the Notification Center
To access the Notification Center, you now need to swipe from the upper left corner of your iPad. You can also swipe down from the center. If you swipe down from the upper right, you’ll show the Control Center. I personally try to use the upper left corner to get to the Notification Center.

Grouped Alerts
The iPad will now group your different notifications together in the Notification Center. As an example, all of your notification from the Washington Post in the News app will be grouped together, or all your emails from an account will be grouped together. To expand a group of notifications, you just tap on the group.

Delivering Quietly
You can now manage your notification options for a specific notification by swiping to the left on a notification. From there tap on Manage. You’ll see a number of options. You can set that notification to Deliver Quietly. When you do this, your notification will appear in the Notification Center, but it will not appear on the lock screen, play a sound, present a banner, or badge the app icon. The only place you’ll see this notification is in the Notification Center. You can also turn the notification off and go directly to the Notification settings for that app.

Richer Notifications
When you swipe to the left of a notification and tap on View, you’ll see a richer notification including images from that notification if it has any. To access the Notifications settings, you can tap on the three dots, or ellipsis, in the upper right corner of the notification.

Notifications Alerts in Screen Time
If you’d like to see how many notifications you receive an hour or from an app, you can go to Settings>Screen Time and then tap on the chart at the top. Down towards the bottom you’ll see Notifications. From there you can see different statistics on your notifications. You will also see a list of apps at the bottom that are giving you notifications. Tap on any one of the apps to be taken to that app’s notifications settings.

If you have multiple devices and you want to see how many alerts you receive from a specific device, you want to make sure you select Devices in the upper right corner and then select the specific device.

See this lesson in Action
If you want to see this lesson in action, I show you how this all works in the video above.

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