New: Keep Desktop Folders on Top

In this lesson for macOS Mojave, I look at how to keep folders on top when looking at the Desktop in the Finder.

Keep Folders on Top
In past versions of macOS, you could keep the folders on top when you sort them by name while looking at your files and folders in a Finder Window. When you selected this option in the Finder Preferences, it did not do anything for your desktop, this only worked in a Finder window. With macOS Mojave, you can now keep your folders on top on the Desktop. You select this option by going to the Diner Preferences. To view the preferences, you select Finder in the menu bar and select Preferences. From there select the Advanced tab. You’ll see a new option for keeping the folders on top. In addition to keeping them on top when sorting by name (this is when you view them in a Finder window), you can also select On Desktop. When you select this, your folders will be sorted to the top on your Desktop.

See this Lesson Action
To see this lesson in action, take a look at the video above.

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