Shooting and Reviewing Photos

In this lesson for photography with the Camera app on the iPhone we look at the basic workflow for shooting and reviewing photos that I use. We also look at how we can set where the Camera app sets its focus and exposure.

Setting Where the Camera Focuses and Sets its Exposure
When you are taking photos, the camera will detect any faces and set it’s focus and exposure on them. You can also set what the camera focuses on by tapping on the subject in the preview screen. The Camera app will set the focus and base it’s exposure on where you tapped your screen.

Taking the Photo
Once you set the exposure or have the camera automatically set the exposure, you tap on the shutter to take the photo. When you do this, the photo, or video, will show as a thumbnail in the lower left side of your iPhone. With my workflow, I’ll usually tap on this after taking my photos, they way I can review my photos and delete any photos I no longer want. I generally don’t do any editing yet, I save that for later, but I do delete unwanted photos and videos. This way I keep my photos manageable by deleted the unwanted photos.

Reviewing your Photos
It you look in the lower left hand corner. You’re going to see the last photo that was taken. When I tap on this, it opens up that photo and I can go and edit that photo. This is also where I can go and delete the photo. This is why I call it reviewing the photos.

Generally speaking this is what I do as a workflow, I take my photos that I want and then after I’m done taking the photos or while I am actually taking the photos in some cases, I will go and review those photos. Why? Because I want to go in the deep the photos that I no longer need or were bad shots such as the last photo that I’ve taken here.What I want to do is I want to delete this photo. To delete it ,I just got on the trash can on the lower right hand corner and that photo is no longer in my Photos library.

That’s how we take a basic photo and the workflow that I generally go through when I take a photo using the camera app on the iPhone. If you get in the habit of this, you’ll find that your photos will be far easier to manage as the only photos you have in there will be photos you want to keep.

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