Shooting Video

In this lesson for Photography with the Camera app on the iPhone we look at how we shoot video including how we can take a photo while shooting video. We also look at our editing options we have for videos.

Video Mode
First thing you’ll want to do is switch to video mode. Just swipe left or right across the preview until you are in Video mode. To take a video, just tap the shutter button. You’ll see a timer at the top showing how long your video is. When you are finished, just tap the shutter button again. While you are shooing video you can zoom in and out as well. Just like with photos, you tap on the screen to set your focus and exposure. You can also lock the focus and exposure by tapping and holding on the preview.

Taking a Photo while Shooting Video
To take a photo while shooting video, just tap on the white circle to the left of the shutter button. You will only see this button when you are shooting video. When you take the photo, it will automatically be added to your Photos library along with your video.

Trimming the Video
Once you take the video, you can trim it. When you trim it, you are cutting off either the beginning of your video, or the end. You can also trim both the the beginning and the end. To trim it, you need to review it by tapping on the thumbnail in the lower left corner.Now you tap on edit. When you do this, you’ll see a film strip across the bottom of your video. To trim it just go to the beginning or end and drag the arrows to the left or right. You’ll see the filmstrip will be outlined in yellow when you do this. When you are finished, tap on Done in lower right corner. It will ask you if you want to save the new trimmed video as a copy at this point.

Changing the Frame Rate
To change the frame rate the Camera app records in, go to the Settings app and then go to Camera. In the camera settings will be Record Video. When you tap on this you can change the frame rate and resolution. Off course, the higher the frame rate and resolution, the larger the video file will be. So you’ll want to make sure you have enough space if you record at a higher frame rate or resolution.

When you do shoot video, it does shoot it in the 16:9 aspect ratio.

See this lesson in Action
If you want to see how this works in action, I show you how this all works in the video above.

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